As many bodybuilders use supplements either to enhance their training performance and strength or to boost their muscle growth, a wide range of testosterone (T) products can be found on the market today.

Different products benefit differently so, before you buy one, inform about the best supplements offered on the market. Here is a list of top four T boosters you should try in 2017.

Number 4 – BPI Sports A-HD Elite and PRO-HD

BPI Sports dietary supplement that comes in capsules works for both younger men and for those that are over 40 years old. Younger men will feel the boost of energy and the older ones will also feel the increase in strength.

Some of the benefits of BPI Sports’ T booster are:

  • Anti-estrogen activity – Over-sufficiency of estrogen levels cause fat gain and retaining of water in body.
  • Affordability – This testosterone booster is reasonably priced and can be bought for the half of the other supplements’ price.
  • Fat burner – This product includes some ingredients that help you burn more calories – and more fat.

Number 3 – PrimeMale

Since men testosterone levels start decreasing after they turn 30, Propura designed this T booster especially for the mid-aged men. Although you may not be able to be young again, your strength will be maximized after you take this product. It is listed as one of the best testosterone pills by

One of the benefits of this supplement intake is the reduced body production of negative hormones, such as estrogen. In addition, the ingredients of this product shift libido and boost your strength and endurance needed for building your muscle mass.

Number 2 – Beast Super Test

The bodybuilders have been experiencing great results since this T booster showed up on the supplements market. Although the original booster had positive customer feedback, this T powder was later improved. Benefits of this product are:

  • Enhances your performance
  • Keeps your liver healthy
  • Stimulates growth of muscle and body mass
  • Maximizes your strength
  • Balances hormone levels in your body

Number 1 – TestoGen

Many customers have written positive reviews about TestoGen supplement. It is safe to use since it contains natural ingredients that are well researched. Not only it will boost your T level, it will activate the production of this hormone.

It is widely used not only by the bodybuilders, but also by the athletes since it increases one’s stamina.

So, if you want to build your body mass and maintain health, you can get great results by taking one of these supplements. Alternatively, you can pick one that is not listed here if it suits you best.

If you are trying to maintain the muscle mass on your body, you are reading the right article. Exercising and working out in a gym will help you build your muscles, but there are rules you should follow in order to keep them in form. Read on to discover them.

Rule One: Follow a Workout Routine

As they say, practice makes perfect. Make a muscle building plan, in case you do not have one already, and start working out. You can choose from various workout programs; they depend on your weightlifting experience.

For example, if you are a beginner, your muscles have to adapt to the weight you lift when working out. Therefore, you should gradually change your exercise program so you do not cause inflammation in your muscles.

Rule Two: Eat Healthy Food

Creating a nutrition plan is also necessary if you want to train properly. The nutrition plans include a daily intake of calories. You should include a lot of proteins and carbs in your meals and limit or even exclude processed foods – they are rich in calories but poor in nutrients.

Many bodybuilders add herbal supplements to their daily nutrition plan; their everyday meals include best testosterone boosters that stimulate the muscle growth.

Rule Three: Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is essential to both your health and strength. When you train, you lose water through sweating. Since losing bodily fluids decreases performance by approximately 25%, it is crucial to drink water during workouts.

Although staying hydrated is important in building your muscles, you should still avoid drinks that have a lot of sugar.

Rule Four: Sleep Enough and Rest Well

After lifting heavy weights, no matter how often you do that, your body needs a rest. When you use a great effort in training, your muscle cells suffer damage – especially when you over-train.

In order to repair the damaged muscle fibers or to replace them with new ones, your body needs a relaxed and restful sleep; night rest feeds your body.


The mentioned rules may depend on how familiar you are with the exercises. If you are a beginner, you should practice more often, but keep the exercises’ level from low to moderate, because your muscles will need more time to recover. Train less but often.

If you are an advanced bodybuilder, your muscles will repair and recover faster so you can practice heavy exercises and lift more weight than individuals that are still beginners.

Many scientists have conducted various research studies on testosterone (T), a hormone that is responsible for manly appearance. For instance, it affects the growth of body hair, muscles and other. Since physical strength is generally considered a good characteristic of men, it often rises along with the increase of T in their body. This is usually related to a desire for dominance; a dominant male shows a greater level of this hormone in blood.

In other words, when one wins in a competitive occasion, he shows dominance over others. This is the case in most physical sports, such as athletics, boxing etc.

However, the scientists have also found that the level of this hormone increases not only in physical sport disciplines such as wrestling, but also in other competitive circumstances such as a chess tournament.

Mental Rivalry vs. Muscle Rivalry

As chess players do not compete physically which is the case in most sports, one would think they do not possess the mechanism that triggers the increase of testosterone in their blood. However, they actually show an increase of T levels – both during a tournament and after winning it.

There are two explanations of this. One, as every competition rises testosterone level, chess players that compete will show a higher concentration of this hormone in their body. Furthermore, they may have an increase of testosterone when they practice for the competition as well before the game, when they meet their opponent face-to-face.

Second, rank also affects T levels and their increase in an individual’s body. If a chess player has a higher rank, his T level will be higher than of a player that has a lower rank in a tournament. In comparison to the chess players, bodybuilders and wrestlers act the same.

Social Competition

Researches also show that testosterone is a social hormone that can affect one’s behavior in various human interactions related to emotional processes, social or economic status. This statement may be associated to dominance in hierarchy, a higher social rank than other individuals have. Research studies also state that when an individual is socially stable, his testosterone level is low. The reason for this may be the lack of challenges.

This can be compared to marking a territory in animal world. Humans behave in a similar way. In human world, marking a territory can mean, for instance, “fighting” over a better job position – and, in case of wrestling, fighting to win a competition.

As wrestling is a sport that offers ranking and challenges to competitors, normally, it will trigger the hormonal level rise more often.